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Lisa Ranee Tatum

AmeriCorps NCCC, 1997

Lisa (service began in 1997, AmeriCorps NCCC, Texas) is the Senior Manager, Disaster Preparedness at the Volunteer Center of North Texas. She coordinates volunteer recruitment and management for a local high-impact collaboration called the Mass Care Task Force. Her exposure to this began when she did logistics for an American Red Cross disaster response during her AmeriCorps term. She currently liaises with local VOAD, COAD, Citizen Corps, and Regional Emergency Managers to ensure that collaboration extends across all networks. Additionally, she has maintained her standing as a Red Cross volunteer for 16 years and serves in a leadership role with the American Red Cross North Texas Region's Diversity Leadership Council. She has responded to major disasters including Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy and provided professional consulting and support to communities nationally. Lisa is wholly committed to service, and she helps others continue their lifetime of service as a chapter leader for the AmeriCorps Alums of North Texas and as a key member of the North Texas AmeriCorps Alliance.

Senior Manager, Disaster Preparedness at the Volunteer Center of North Texas
Dallas, TX
"It is an honor to be recognized during the 20th Anniversary, not so much for myself, but for the other 800,000 plus members who have served. We are getting things done and it's a wonderful time to celebrate service.”