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Mona Mowafi

Latin American Youth Center, 1999

Mona (service began in 1999, Latin American Youth Center, Health Educator in Washington D.C.) is Co-Founder and President of RISE Egypt, an organization mobilizing the global Egyptian diaspora and its networks to invest in social entrepreneurship for development in Egypt. Mona was also Co-Founder and President of Egypt NEGMA from 2011-2013, and was Chair of its 1st Annual NEGMA Conference and Impact Egypt! Social Innovation Competition. She was awarded a global health research award for emerging leaders by the Global Health Council in 2011, and was recently awarded the Judith O’Connor Award for emerging nonprofit leaders from BoardSource. Mona holds a doctorate in social epidemiology from Harvard University where she also worked as a research fellow for two years planning her current work in global development practice, research, policy and service. Mona says “it is through service that we gain a deeper understanding not only of the communities around us but also of ourselves. Through service, we grow in the practice of working with others toward common goals, and this invariably trickles into all the work that we do subsequently, whether planned or unplanned.”

Co-Founder & President, RISE Egypt
Boston, MA
"“it is through service (and as an extension, service learning) that we gain a deeper understanding not only of the communities around us, but also of ourselves."