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Yamani Hernandez

Public Allies Chicago, 1997

Yamani’s AmeriCorps experience (service began in 1997, Public Allies Chicago) began her journey from youth leadership to executive leadership as a staunch advocate for youth-adult partnerships in the pursuit of healthy communities. She believes all youth deserve to be safe, affirmed and healthy. Yamani is a visionary and strategic leader who has worked across disciplines for more than 15 years to amplify the rights and realities of young people. Throughout her interdisciplinary career, she has worked with diverse populations of people ranging from girls and women who are homeless to men who are incarcerated in maximum-security prisons on topics ranging from art and culture to personal and community development, social change, workforce development, civic participation and philanthropy. She firmly believes in the interrelated nature of social justice issues and uses both a creative and analytical skill set to tackle the most critical challenges of our time in creating equal opportunity and access to education, health and economic security.

Executive Director of the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health
Chicago, IL
“All youth deserve to be safe, affirmed and healthy.”