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Share your Story

Share your Story

Nominate a 20th Anniversary Leadership Award Winner.

Nominate an alum who “gets things done for America” — during their year of service and beyond. We are looking for your stories of service, impact, and leadership that celebrate our 20 year history of AmeriCorps. We are seeking stories as well as nominations for our 20th Anniversary Leadership Awards from a diverse range of backgrounds, program types, ages, service years,  impact areas and professions.  For additional information on the 20th Anniversary Awards Nominations and Selection Process, please click here to see the FAQ.

The following questions apply to the person whose story you’re sharing. Anyone can share their story or nominate a 20th anniversary award winner. Self-nominations are accepted.


If you’re sharing someone else’s story, or nominating someone else for the 20th Anniversary Leadership Award, please provide us your contact information.

Demographic info of the nominee (optional)